Identifying Key Positions

To succeed in today’s competitive and ever-evolving market, organizations must be equipped with the right talent. It is not only to meet the current demands of the business but to help accomplish their future objectives as well. However, all too often, organizations are ill-prepared when a key executive unexpectedly retires or is lured away by a competitor organization.

While executive search addresses the more immediate human capital needs of a business, talent assessments allow organizations to take an informed, proactive approach to their human capital and talent acquisition strategies.

Our Leadership Mapping leverages market intelligence to:

  • Identify leadership in key positions across competitor organizations to prepare the company for future human capital needs
  • Analyze the organizational structures of select companies
  • Scope the of responsibilities of key leadership roles to make informed decisions on how to build and structure management teams
  • Determine the liquidity and assess talent within a particular market sector and/or geography

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