Clients who start with us, stay with us.

A testament to our consistently successful performance. We step into assignments as a true partner in your strategic growth, where we can serve as big picture advisors focused on not just your next step, but your next mile.

With decades of deep industry experience, a global platform, and reliable search strategy, our mission is to drive sustained success through innovation, agility, and speed to market.

Culture & Diversity

We focus heavily on the blend of chemistry, culture and diversity in all executive search assignments.


Frequent communication, calibration and engagement allows us to move at an accelerated pace to present vetted shortlist candidates (~4-6 weeks).

Global Reach

Clients are supported by senior members of Dinte who have experience working with companies and candidates with a global presence.

A&D Experience

Our strength is our team’s deep experience with aerospace and defense markets.


The aerospace industry is nothing if not complex – changes in the global market, compliance and regulatory obligations, advancements in technology, and other factors bear a significant impact on the way companies operate in this space.

Pushing the Boundaries


The defense industry is often confronted by shifts in the political, economic, and technological landscapes. These factors not only drive market demand, but ultimately impact the organizational requirements of the firms operating within this space.

Navigating 21st Century Competition

Government Contracting

Outside of the defense and aerospace industry, Dinte’s expertise spans a variety of sectors including transportation, healthcare, and other federal civil contractors.

Leaders with Impact

Private Equity

With 25 years of experience, Dinte understands the difficulties in the private equity business. Learn more about how Dinte can find the right talent for you.

Growth through Leadership

Let’s Work Together

We empower growth by cultivating confident and agile leadership.

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