Leaders with Impact

Outside of the Defense and Aerospace industries, our expertise spans a variety of sectors including healthcare, transportation, and other government-driving markets. Organizations of all sizes rely on Dinte to identify leaders that impact growth, operations, and delivery.

These industries are influenced by the continuous evolution of technology, regulations, and product design. We can help find the leaders with the global perspective, agile mindset, and future thinking required to drive these industries forward.

Our expertise spans a variety of sectors including:

  • Healthcare – Health & Human Services, Veterans Affairs, Military Health
  • Transportation – TSA, FAA, Commercial Airlines, Airport and Port Authorities, Security & Detection Technology Solutions, Mass Transit, Autonomous Vehicles
  • Federal Civilian – Financial Regulatory, Energy, Commerce, Law Enforcement, State Department
  • Intelligence, Cyber, and Cloud Organizations – SIGINT, Offensive/Defensive Cyber, Cyber Operations, Cyber Security

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We empower growth by cultivating confident and agile leadership.

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