By Dinte
Oct. 9, 2012

Relationship building is one of the most important aspects of a business. As our society increasingly becomes more connected through social media and smart phones, more organizations are looking to add online content to their communications strategy. “Nearly everyone is connected through some piece of technology, whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, home computer, or more likely, all three. This has opened up an entirely new and exciting world for both consumers and businesses,” says recent article Why Businesses are Switching to Online Content Marketingon Social Media Today. Most leadership teams worry that clients might post unflattering comments. However, whether it’s online or by the water cooler, your clients are already talking about you. Sharing online content allows you to monitor the conversation and shape brand perception.

Creating a Structure for Shaping Online Content:

  • Hold someone accountable. It’s easy to sweep updating online content under the rug when there are deadlines to meet and big clients to impress. However, online content only works when it is updated regularly. “We have a big response team who tracks all social media, all of the contacts, blogs, relevant information, and tweets,” George Halvorson CEO of Kaiser Permanente, shares with Forbes article CEOs Share Secrets Of Connecting With Customers In A Digital World. Making this someone’s full-time job will not only make sure online content is not only updated but tracked and improved regularly.


  • Keep the entire organization informed. “I spend 4 to 6 hours a week blogging internally,” adds Halvorson. Halvorson also sends a weekly email to all 180,000 employees at Kaiser where he shares accomplishments from the previous week. Blogging internally, especially if your organization is big, can help team members understand all business functions even if they are not directly involved. These updates don’t necessarily need to be from the CEO, but social sharing of success from a senior executive can be very inspiring to the team. At Dinte, we also hold quarterly dinners where we discuss our progress and ideas for what’s next.


  • Encourage social sharing across the entire organization. When your employees are well informed, they can be some of your most powerful brand ambassadors. This will push your content out to an even wider audience.


  • Engage your audience. Ask your audience questions about industry trends, business practices, or other topics of interest in blog posts and on social media. When they do respond, write back or use the comments to write a follow-up post. This will let your audience know they have been heard.


Does your organization use online content sharing to communicate with clients? What are some tips you have for others trying to develop an online strategy?

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