By Dinte
Sept. 30, 2013

We recently met with a number of human resources executives to discuss some of the challenges facing organizations today.  What we are finding across all functional areas and industries is that change is happening fast. Some executives are readily grasping this change and others are having a harder time.  Sometimes it is difficult to ensure all the leaders on the executive team will be able to adapt to change.

One of the traditional ways to help an executive better navigate the change is to hire a coach.  An outside perspective can help the executive better understand the changing market landscape.  This may help the executive embrace the change and better position the organization for the future.   No matter how an organization chooses to help an executive, it is very important to set clear expectations and benchmarks for the executive. The organization will need to give the executive enough time to digest the new information in order to make a positive change.

We recently worked with one of our clients to develop an innovative alternative to hiring a coach. This client asked us to help them become more familiar with digital media and how implementing digital practices could better position the organization for the future.   We presented them with an overview of the digital market and profiles of top digital media leaders.  They brought in several of these leaders to speak with the executive team to educate them on the digital media landscape.  This not only helped their entire executive team move up the digital learning curve, but also paved the way to hire a senior executive to lead their digital transformation.

Our next blog will address innovative ways to create a culture of agility.

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