Interview Confidence

The candidates we put forth to our clients have a wealth of leadership experience.  However, we have found that the most successful candidates are those who exude confidence in the interview.  Organizations need leaders that can lead a team confidently and develop innovative results for clients.  Dinte Global Executive Search offers a few tips on how to show confidence during the interview:

Be prepared

Researching the organization, the opportunity, and the corporate culture is interview advice that often goes without saying. However, remember your college days? You probably felt much more prepared for a test when you set aside time to sit down quietly with your notes and review. Do you apply that same idea to your job interviews? “The simple act of taking the pen to a pad of paper to write out your goals for a meeting–with a prospective or current customer, or even an investor–can move your attitude in the right direction,” says Barry Farber in a recent Forbes article Build Self-Confidence: 4 Mental Tricks. Set aside some time to research the organization and prepare the points you want to make during the interview.  Even though you won’t bring these notes with you, an old fashioned study session could give you the extra knowledge and confidence you need.

Position your challenges

In a previous blog post, Turning Challenges into Succes, we discussed the importance of interviewers asking candidates questions about overcoming challenges.  However, it is equally important that candidates prepare for these types of questions.  Presenting the best answers to these questions can be difficult under pressure. To prepare, practice speaking about your professional challenges and solutions beforehand so you feel more comfortable at the interview.

Understand the new organization’s clients

Many candidates study the new organization for an interview.  Organizations need an executive who can work well with the internal team. However, they also need an executive who can support the clients. Research your new organization’s clients, their needs, and their corporate culture.  Be prepared to ask insightful questions concerning communication with clients. “When you understand your customers’ business challenges and goals, and understand how your solution can help them, you gain tremendous confidence in your own approach,” says Farber.

Keep reading

Even when you aren’t interviewing, reading is a great way to consistently stay informed.  Read blogs and books related to your industry, news about local and national events, and even fiction novels on a regular basis.  News will keep you updated on industry and global trends but fiction can often offer a unique perspective on the world.  When you go into an interview, you will feel confident knowing you are presenting well informed views.

What other ways do build your confidence for an interview?