Are You Thinking About Mobile Learning?

As organizations are becoming more and more global, mobile learning has become a priority for many.  However, there are many things to consider when introducing mobile learning.  “When defining a strategy, remember that m-learning is not simply converting e-learning content and making it accessible on a mobile device,” explains article Mobile Learning: The Next Evolution. “M-learning is about the mobility of the learner interacting with portable technologies and enabling learning that focuses on society’s and its institutions’ need to accommodate and support an increasingly mobile population.”

One of the biggest challenges for human resources executives is the technology requirements that come with developing mobile training.  Executives will need to consider that employees will access mobile training from laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  Information will not only need to fit screens of different sizes but will also need to be available on multiple operating systems including Apple, Android, and Windows. In addition, while mobile training is a great resource for traveling employees, not all service providers are supported in all countries.  These problems often add additional cost, time, and complexity to introducing a mobile strategy to a learning and development plan, especially for global organizations.

Has your organization introduced mobile learning to your organizations? What are the biggest benefits or challenges you have seen?