By Dinte
Aug. 13, 2013

As social media continues to evolve and become a more prominent part of business marketing plans, organizations wonder how, or if, they can leverage Pinterest.  Recently, we have seen a few examples we wanted to share with you. Customers are sharing pictures of experiences instead of articles.  Data is often presented as sharable illustrations (known as infographs) instead of white papers. This visual data makes it easier for customers to quickly digest and share a variety of information.

Pinterest can be a social destination for your customers and potential customers to find information about your organization and your industry.   Images can be organized on virtual bulletin boards that make it easy for users to sort through information.  Many images link to a website or blog post, so you can drive traffic to your website landing pages and blog posts.

Some creative ways we have seen professional services firms set up their Pinterest boards include:

  • A board devoted to infographics or articles about top trends in their industry
  • A board with pictures of their team members at conferences, volunteering, or featured in articles
  • A corporate responsibility board featuring their community engagement efforts

It’s not clear yet what the ROI is for professional services firms that use Pinterest. However, it is very clear that the firms using the platform are generating a certain “buzz” in the market. The cost and level of effort to maintain an engaging Pinterest profile are minimal.  Some example of creative Pinterest profiles we thought you might find helpful include CSC, IBM, and Salesforce.

Does your professional services organization use Pinterest? How do you incorporate image sharing in your marketing plan?

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