By Dinte
July 31, 2013

In a previous blog post, we discussed why employment branding is the next frontier in the war for top talent. Last week, employer brand manager at Amtrak, Kerry Noone, came to Dinte to expand on this topic and discuss how your employer brand and your personal brand go hand in hand. 

A common misconception that both organizations and employees have is that when an individual has suddenly developed a personal brand online, they are looking for a job.  However, what organizations don’t realize is that their employer brand is their employees!  Using your employees to tell your story is a perfect opportunity to showcase the people who make your organization such a great place to work. This is a win-win for both parties because the organization is able to showcase their best talent and employees get to be associated with a top brand.

Tips for Creating a Successful Employer Brand

The first step in creating an excellent employer brand is establishing a clear employer brand message for your organization. Employees will also need training so everyone can communicate the message clearly and effectively. We learned a few tips from Kerry that can help your organization get started once the message is established:

  • Join as many social media channels that are appropriate for the organization’s employment brand and marketing goals.
  • Understand each social media channel will require a different voice. For example, using Facebook can give your brand a more personal feel than LinkedIn. Use more personal social media channels to post your employees at team building conferences, volunteer events, or company-sponsored events.
  • Add pictures of your team to your website and any blog posts or social media channels they contribute to on behalf of your organization.   This will humanize your brand and let clients know they are interacting with great people.

Set Guidelines

A successful employer brand encourages employees to be genuine and weave the organization into their already established personal brand. However, it is still important to set guidelines so the organization’s message is clear. Kerry also gave us some ideas on how to manage an employer brand:

  • Create, publish, and stick to a comment policy for the organization’s blog and social media channels.
  • Organize a list of guidelines for employees.  Be clear about what information is confidential such as internal client news or financial information.
  • Develop a crisis management plan. Designate specific customer service, marketing, or public relations employees to implement the plan when needed. Encourage other employees to report rude or inappropriate comments to the crisis management team.

Most importantly, an employer brand should be genuine, authentic, and consistent.  Potential employees want to work with great people who love their organization. 

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