By Dinte
Feb. 9, 2012

Government contracting industry legend, John Toups, joined us for a business lunch on Thursday.  As several of our clients are in the defense, intelligence, and security sector, we were very excited to hear his insight. John Toups has been around a long time! He has seen two world wars, a number of recessions, and decades of changing power in the White House.  His story reminds us that personal success is measured not only by the impact one has on the business world but more importantly the impact in education, the healthcare systems, the local community, and building the leaders for tomorrow.

Toups took us back in time to a speech he gave at the 1986 Washington/Baltimore Regional Conference where he was the keynote speaker. At the time, he gave the following points:

•    This region has the highest percentage of college graduates of any major market the nation (30% of all adults have college degrees).
•    More than two –thirds of this region’s work force (3.1 million people) is employed in professional or administrative jobs.
•    This region places high value on the personal involvement in the school system, local political activities, and healthcare.

Fast forward 25 years. Toups indicated that many of the factors that were important to the region in 1986 still remain today.  However, he continues to believe that the region places an amazingly high emphasis on the quality of education, health, and regional leadership. This education inspires the development of technology in the industry. He tells us that George Mason University is now the largest and most diverse university in Virginia.  In addition, Inova is Northern Virginia’s leading non-for-profit healthcare provider and serves over 1 million people each year.

Toups has also made it a priority to help find and develop the leaders of tomorrow.  He is part of an organization based in the Washington Metropolitan Area called the 2030 group.  The group describes themselves as “business leaders focused on regional long-term decision-making and solutions.” Their goal is to focus on the economic, population, transportation, infrastructure, education, and workforce trends that will affect the future. They are always asking the question, “Who will be tomorrow’s leaders and what challenges will the face? Who will be the leaders in 2030?” Toups reminds us that we can’t solve the world’s problem by ourselves. But by developing tomorrow’s leadership, we can find ways to collaborate and find the best solutions. This resonated with the Dinte team.

Dinte Global Executive Search would like to thank John Toups for coming to speak about his perspective and years of experience.

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