By Dinte
June 14, 2013

Graduation is an exciting time for the graduates as they look forward to taking on the endless possibilities of the future.  They are armed with knowledge and a hunger for new experiences. Graduates are advised to take risks, learn from mistakes, and embrace opportunities to learn. While this advice is usually found in a commencement speech, this willingness to always grow, learn, create is important at all stages of a career.

Take Risks: Recent graduates are encouraged to take risks early in their careers while they have few responsibilities.  They are advised to learn as much as they can and explore as many options as possible.  Those who are eager to learn the business, drive creative projects, and explore new ideas without fear of failure are seen as leaders. However, we should all follow this advice throughout our careers.  We can gain more insight and learn which tools to use to mitigate negative risk, but we should never stop making bold moves when the time is right.

Don’t Stop Learning: The millennials are often told that their degree is an important first step to starting a career but excellent critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills will help them stand out in the crowd.  This advice is even more important to all career levels as we communicate with professionals across multiple cultures and generations.  No matter what your experience, challenge yourself with a class outside your expertise, learn a new technology, take an international assignment, or get that certification you’ve been putting off for years.

Travel While You Have the Time: Recent graduates are often advised to travel as much as possible before they have too many responsibilities.  They are told soaking up new cultures and opportunities will give them a fresh perspective on their life and career.  But the truth is, this is good advice for everyone!  Whether you travel halfway across the world or just a few miles up the road, visiting a new place often opens our minds to new ideas and perspectives.  Exploring and interacting with people from different backgrounds and allowing yourself to be curious and not entirely comfortable in your surroundings is empowering.

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