By Dinte
Oct. 9, 2013

In one of our recent blogs, Got Change, we discussed how to prepare your executive team for change.  However, it is equally as important to hire up and coming leaders who have the skills and flexibility for an always evolving marketplace. The following are some of the qualities organizations should look for when hiring:

Agile: Agile candidates will have the ability to “connect the dots.”  They have often worked for a variety of organizations and cultures facing a range of market challenges.  

Adaptable: Adaptable candidates will be able to acclimate to different cultures, situations, environments, and teams quickly and effectively.  They will be able to embrace new technologies and new ways of doing business.  These candidates are not only comfortable with change but also have the potential to be change agents for the organization.

Collaborative and Inclusive:  The best leaders know that it takes a village to create a great organization. Collaborative candidates will work well with all levels of an organization and with external partners.  They are open to new ideas and approaches and are able to encourage and develop them.  

Innovative Problem-Solvers:  Forward thinking organizations need innovative problem-solvers to lead the way.  These candidates stay up-to-date on new trends, technologies, and best practices in their industry as well as other industries that may have relevance.  They maintain a “drive to win” attitude as well as curiosity and a thirst for learning.

Pragmatic: Successful leaders not only spot big ideas in other organizations or industries, but also know how to customize these ideas to the specific organization and culture.  They have the ability to conceptualize, communicate, and execute the strategy to fit a specific problem, environment, and culture.

Join us for our next blog: Got Change Part 3 – Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders.  We will highlight innovative ways our clients are developing the skills we discussed today within their organizations.

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