By Dinte
June 4, 2012

Through our executive mentoring program at Dinte Global Executive Search, we have had the opportunity to work with a number of executives as they reoriented themselves for their next opportunity.  During this process, we have found that connectivity across your personal brand is the key. Both on and offline, executives know how to connect the dots across their networks to successfully position themselves for their next opportunity. At Dinte, we believe that active involvement with social media, participation in professional organizations, and regular meetings with business partners can help you best position yourself.

IBM recently conducted a study that concluded only 16% of CEOs are currently involved with social media. However, this number is expected to spike to 57% during the next 5 years. “More than half of CEOs are planning to use technology to facilitate greater partnering and collaboration with outside organizations,” concludes the study.

Using social media to create an open and honest brand perception will help current and potential business partners see you as a friend instead of a brand. This trust will lead to stronger business relationships.  A strong social media strategy with great support from top leadership can help maintain a consistent message and frequently reach a large audience.

It is also important to make sure you are developing relationships offline.  Social media is a great way to begin new relationships and reconnect with old relationships. However, not even the best social media strategy can replace the connection of a face-to-face meeting. Dinte suggests a few ways you can regularly connect with your best business partners and clients:

  • Speaking at or attending industry related conferences or events
  • Joining a local chapter of a national professional organization and regularly attending events
  • Scheduling regular lunch meetings with business partners and mentors
  • Hold special company events to benefit or recognize business partners or clients


IBM's study also found that “73% of CEOS are making significant investments in their organization’s ability to draw meaningful customer insight from available data.” Social media makes it easy to reach out to clients and better understand their needs through:

  • Regularly updating a company blog to share insight on meaningful topics and asking input from readers
  • Creating a company LinkedIn group where relevant articles and discussions can be posted
  • Joining thoughtful discussions in other relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Using Twitter to share articles with followers and interact with other thought leaders
  • Researching other niche social media platforms that might be relevant to your market such as Flickr, Pinterest, and Visual.ly (photo sharing) or Digg and Reddit (news sharing)
  • Linking all of your social media platforms to your company website

 How do you practice connectivity in your organization? Do you think it helps reach a broader audience more effectively?

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