By Dinte
June 20, 2015

One of the main benefits of joining a professional organization is networking.  Many people take advantage of this early in their career while they are gaining experience, learning the industry, and meeting new people.  However, joining professional organizations can provide networking opportunities and continued education that can be beneficial at any stage in your career. 

Share Industry Trends and Gain New Perspectives: Professional organizations give members an opportunity to network with people they wouldn’t normally meet. Members often represent a variety of backgrounds, levels of experience, and education.  This allows members to share new ideas for business practices, hiring, customer service, new technologies, and communication.  These ideas might be completely new topics or a new prospective on an age old practice.  

Share Best Practices: Professional organizations often give members an opportunity to collaborate and share new ideas, best practices, and technologies.   Some organizations bring in guest speakers or host a conference to discuss a topic or teach a skill. Other organizations offer interactive webinars, discounted or free online classes, and access to detailed “How-To” videos or blogs. Most organizations also share third party articles through social media. No matter what type of resources you choose to take advantage of, professional organizations can provide an opportunity to stay informed and educated about best practices and new technologies.

Give Back: Many young professionals join organizations after graduation to network and meet other industry leaders.  This is a perfect opportunity to join a mentorship program or simply make it a point to meet them at networking events.  Young professionals are eager to learn and appreciate advice on how to build their careers.  In addition, they are also enthusiastic to share their knowledge and add their perspective to the conversation.  This is a great opportunity to get their perspective on the industry and new technologies.  

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