By Dinte
Sept. 27, 2012

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular addition to social media strategies since their first appearance in 2004. Podcasts are prerecorded radio shows that share news and advice. Unlike radio shows, podcasts are free from government regulation and do not require a license for broadcasting, says HowStuffWorks.com, A Discovery Company. This allows any business or individual to contribute to the extensive library of topics.

Podcasts are generally free to download and range in length from 5 minutes to an hour. There are a wide variety of podcasts that cover topics including but not limited to business, politics, financial advice, book reviews, marketing, and popular culture. Because podcasts are generally released on a weekly or monthly basis, they are easy to keep up with and usually do not  require a daily commitment. This provides a great way to get caught up on weekly news highlights or expand your knowledge on a specific topic. Many podcasts also feature industry expert guests. Listeners are able to gain industry insight without attending a conference or taking a class.

The main benefit of podcasts is that they are in audio format. They can be downloaded to a mobile device from iTunes, Google Play, or a variety of podcasts websites such as Podomatic, PodBean, or The Pod Host. Podcasts can be listened to directly on a computer or on a mobile device through headphones or a car radio. This makes it easy for commuters to catch up on news when reading a newspaper is not possible.

To get your podcast library started, we have listed a few podcasts we think you might enjoy. The links lead directly to the host’s website but all of these podcasts are available for free download on iTunes.

HBR IdeaCast
Host: Harvard Business Review (various contributors)
Business and management topics featuring a variety of special guests.

The Look & Sound of Leadership
Host: Tom Henschel, Executive Coach at Essential Communications
Executive coaching tips designed to help executives be perceived in the workplace the way they want to be perceived.

What Great Bosses Know
Host: Jill Geisler at The Poynter Institute
Practical lessons for busy leaders.

Leadership Caffeine Podcast
Host: Art Petty, Founder at Art Petty Group
Practical advice to help leaders improve their performance and the performance of their teams featuring a variety of special guests.

NPR Topics: Technology Podcast
Host: NPR (various contributors)
Perspectives on digital culture, research news, and the technology industry.

Social Media Marketing
Host: Michael Stelzner at Social Media Examiner
Discusses social media marketing for business featuring a variety of special guests.

By the way, we are currently in the process of developing a leadership podcast! We hope to discuss leadership and industry related trends to help executives grow, build, and leverage their careers and leadership teams.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? What types of topics would you like to hear covered in the Dinte podcast?

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