By Dinte
Feb. 23, 2017

Henry Ford. Steve Jobs. Michael Dell. Bill Gates. Jack Welch. What do these 5 leaders have in common? All of them had a vision to change the landscape of the world, and through hard work and leadership, were able to accomplish their goals.

Throughout history, there have been a handful of leaders similar to those mentioned above who have significantly impacted the entire world. As we take a look back at their incredible contributions, there is one powerful lesson to be learned. That being, the people we place in leadership roles today will undoubtedly impact the landscape of the entire world 5, 50, 500, even 5,000 years down the road. That makes getting it right all the more important.

Today, much emphasis is placed on a candidate’s credentials – things like number of years of experience, types of degrees, or number of certifications. Although these are critical elements to consider, they aren’t automatic predictors of success.  Rather, more accurate predictions stem from qualities you won’t find on a sheet of paper – things such as leadership style, ability to motivate others, and cultural fit.

As we look to hire next generation’s leaders, it is critical we keep this in mind. One’s ability to lead and influence others cannot be overlooked as the people we select have the ability to shape (for better or worse) so much more than the organizations they lead.

At Dinte, we believe one’s ability to lead and inspire others is just as important, if not more important, as one’s ability to “get the job done.” Knowing that the candidates we put in front of our clients today will have a lasting effect on their organizations, it becomes all the more important to have a thorough and comprehensive grasp on each individual’s leadership style, values, and ability to influence others.

Before your organization hires its next CEO, consider each candidate’s intangibles.  The future of the world could be riding upon the decision your company makes. No pressure!

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